Collins Creek is part of JFK Park, located just below Greers Ferry Dam. The creek makes a beautiful natural backdrop for family photos, engagement pictures, and other special occasions.  It's probably the most photographed venue in Heber Springs and the perfect place to memorialize a great family vacation.

Collins Creek is also the spawning bed of the only documented wild Brook trout population in Arkansas.  Brook and Rainbow Trout now spawn naturally in the creek.   A buried pipe feeds tens of thousands of gallons of 50-degree water to the creek every hour.  This trough restored the Collins Creek Cascade, and provides an almost perfect breeding ground for trout.  The treed canopy, ample parking and easily accessible trailhead make Collins Creek very popular with visitors to Heber Springs.   

The Mossy Bluff National Nature Trail and the Buckeye Nature Trail offer visitors to the Heber Springs area a beautiful walk through the bluffs above the Little Red River Canyon and expansive views of Greers Ferry Dam.  The 1.8 mile Mossy Bluff Trail includes exposes hikers to massive rock formations, small cascading waterfalls, ferns and wildlife native to the Arkansas Ozark.  The Buckeye Trial provides an accessible alternative to the Mossy Bluff Trail and includes signage along the path that explains some of the trail's interesting features.  The Mossy Bluff and Buckeye Nature Trails are located near a fun disc golf course and the William Carl Garner Visitor Center.

The Garner Visitor Center's exhibit area begins in prehistoric time and moves the visitors through local history of Heber Springs and Greer's Ferry Lake to the present. Visitors learn about areas early exploration and the events the history of early exploration of the area, the events (including the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927) that led to the building of Greers Ferry Dam.

The Visitor's Center includes a hand crank generator exhibit and other exhibits that relate to the Greers Ferry Dam and power generating plant.  There is also an audiovisual presentation, “The Saga of the Little Red: A Tale of Two Centuries.” 

Visitor's can also view a replica of the 4 lb. test line world record 40 lb. 4 oz. Brown Trout that was caught in the Little Red River below Greers Ferry Dam.  Guests can also sign up for a trout fishing seminar and learn how to catch your own monster trout!  

The Mossy Bluff National Nature Trail and the William Carl Garner Visitor Center are only 9.6 miles from the Retreat at Eden Isle via State Highway 110 West.

Since 1991, a growing number of Trumpeter Swans have made Magness Lake (just outside Heber Springs, Arkansas) their winter home from November to February. Trumpeter Swans are the largest waterfowl species in the United States. They weigh as much as thirty-five pounds. Their wingspan can exceed 10 feet. They are proud, graceful birds. Their distinctive trumpeting call is impossible to miss.

The Trumpeter Swan has made a strong come back since 1933 when their population  had dwindled to fewer than 100 birds. The few that remained were typically only seen in remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and Alaska. Thanks to conservation efforts, the trumpeter swan has made a strong come back. These bird are still a rare site in the mid-south.  The Trumpeter Swans at Magness Lake,  Heber Springs, have grown accustomed to the growing throngs of fans that eagerly await their arrival.  Visitors enjoy feeding the swans shelled corn.

Magness Lake is a short (12 mile/20 minute) drive from the Retreat at Eden Isle via Highway 110.

The Ruland Junction Toy Train Museum Toy Train Museum is a treat for kids of all ages.  The curators are friendly, exceptionally informative, and patient and engaging with children.  The collection is extensive and a great place for family photos.  The museum has an extensive exhibit of model trains.  The museum dioramas are entertaining and interesting.  The back stories of materials used are intriguing as well.  

The Ruland Junction Toy Train Museum is a short (5 mile/10 minute) drive from The Retreat at Lakeland, Eden Isle, and well worth the visit.

The Little Red River affords anglers of all ages the opportunity to Brook Trout, German Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout.  In 1992, Howard “Rip” Collins of Heber Springs caught a 40-pound, 4-ounce brown trout in Arkansas' Little Red River.  The River continues to yield trophy level trout.  October and November offer phenomenal trout fishing opportunities during the Fall spawning.

Greer's Ferry Lake is one the cleanest, clearest lakes in the United States.  Greers Ferry Lake surrounds Eden Isle and is less than 200 yards from the Retreat at Lakeland.  The lake is a perfect venue for kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, water skiing, knee boarding, fishing, wild life watching, scuba diving, cliff jumping, sun bathing, island exploring, hanging out with old friends or making new ones.  If you bring your own boat, Eden Isle Marina (offers nightly boat slips.  If you don't have a boat, Eden Isle Marina offers boat rentals and water toys.  The marina is a short (.6 mile) walk or drive from the Retreat at Eden Isle.  

Sandy Beach  is a public beach on Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  Sandy Beach is easily accessible by boat or car (about 10 minutes either way from Eden Isle).  Enjoy swimming, picnicking, playing sand volleyball or just enjoying the sun or shade.  On Saturday, July 20, 2019, Sandy Beach will host the 33rd Annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races.  Don't be afraid to BYOB (Build Your Own Boat).

Bridal Veil Falls offers an overlook above the majestic falls and paths to the falls and its headwaters.  The trail to the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls is not difficult, but it does involve some rock hopping and steep inclines.  It's a good idea to wear the right shoes and to be prepared to get a little wet on the hike to Bridal Veil Falls' basin.  Hikers are rewarded by photo opportunities "behind" the waterfall.  If the walk down to Bridal Veil Falls' basin is more than you want to take on, you can easily enjoy the waterfall from a viewing platform that requires only a few stair steps and a short (1 minute) walk from the visitor parking area.  Bridal Veil Falls is located, literally, in Heber Springs, making it an easy side trip.  Bridal Veil Falls is approximately 7 miles (15 minutes) from Eden Isle.  It's a definite "must see" for visitors to Eden Isle Resort or Heber Springs.

Visit Blanchard Springs Caverns

The incredible Blanchard Springs Caverns are easy one-hour and fifteen minute drive away from Eden Isle. The caverns are beyond phenomenal and are one of our areas best tourist attractions. There are three different tours available led by U.S. Forest Service Guides. The tours wind through an incredible series of water-carved caverns. We cannot recommend this attraction highly enough to our vacation rental guests!